The Usage of DOI

The Usage of DOI

DOI can be used for quotation or connection with electronic documents. DOI consists of alpha-numeric strings assigned to documents by the publisher at the onset of electronic publishing and is unique. The assigned DOI can not be changed. Therefore it is a tool suitable for quotation, especially for articles that of which the bibliography is not ready and on publishing process.

An accurte example of a DOI for the Ahlâk Journal is (internet adress format)

When DOI is used for linking to a document on the internet, this identifier does not change.

Correction and Edition

Correction and Edition

The Ahlâk Journal is published both in Turkish and English. The texts should use a proper Turkish/English. Articles written in Turkish should include an English abstract. Authors that need to have their articles edited can get help by the Ahlâk Journal secretary. The Ahlâk Journal officials provides proofreading service for the authors for a fee provided by the author(s).

Conditions for Application

Conditions for Application

The titles below have been prepared to help authors who put their articles into final form before their application. The guide below as a detalied map whether the articles meet the standard criterias and authors can take them as reference:

(Please Pay Attention)

The first page must include the full name(s) and title(s) of the author(s).

If the article was written by two people or more, one of the authors must be the author who is carrying out the correspondence with the journal secreteriat and his/her name, e-mail, phone number must be declared on the first page.

For articles written in Turkish

  • A summary of 150 (min.) to 200 (max.) words with 4 to 8 keywords and a title,
  • An extended summary of 1500 to 2000 words in English (corrections must have been made). This summary must include the title, subheads and all references in English. (This section is permitted for submission after the study has been accepted.)

For articles written in English

  • A summary in English with 150 (min.) otor 200 (max.) words with 4 to 8 keywords
  • A summary of 150 (min) to 200 (max.) words in Turkish, 4-8 keywords and a title. If the author does not know Turkish, this section will be translated by the staff of the journal.

Visual elements in appropriate formats and extensions (such as .jpg, .pdf or .png), resolution and best fit size.

All tables (including titles, definitions, descriptions, and footnotes) must be complete.

Vocabulary and grammar must meet the standards and regulatory body of the Turkish Language Institution.

The references must be in accordance with the APA 6th edition.

All of the references must be listed and included in the bibliography.

Making a reference to a source is dependent on obtaining permission.



Authors should add copyright approval articles for the articles they submit to the Ahlâk Journal. The following is an example for this approval:

The article attached, of which the author(s) and his/her/their title(s) has been submitted for your consideration in order to be published in the Ahlâk Journal. This/these article(s) has not been sent to another journal for publishing or to be considered. There I(we) declare that, if approved to be published, the copyrights of each one of the article(s) belong(s) to the Ahlâk Journal.

As the author(s) who has/have signature(s) below, we accept all the conditions in “notes to the contributors” guide and I(we) confirm expressly that the article/articles was/were prepared in accordance with the ethical rules that were emphasized in that guide. I(we), thereby accept that all the articles are original, submitted with its/their original copyright documents, the author(s) of the artickle(s) have handed over the correction and checking rights to the editorial board of the Ahlâk Journal and -if accepted to be published- the full rights of the studies have been abandoned to the Ahlâk Journal, oficially registered rights included. I(we) also agree that I(we) do not charge fee for the publishing of the texts submitted.

Changing in the Editorial Staff

Changing in the Editorial Staff

The Ahlâk Magazine accepts to update, make addition to or remove the author names before publishing an approved study. Requests to be made must be negotiated with the Ahlâk Journal by the author who initiated the correspondence. Requests should include:

  • The reason for adding, removing or readjusting a name,
  • Approval for the changes and readjusting of each author (via e-mail, fax or letter). (The author whose name will be delivered should also approve such a change.)
  • In the case of a request for readjust by an author who is not the one who initiated the correspondence with the Ahlâk Journal will be negotiated with the writer/researcher who must follow the abovementioned procedure of correspondence.
  • The Ahlâk Journal secretary has the initiative of suspending the publishing of the journal until editorial board is informed about the demands and a consensus is reached by the editorial staff about a study that has been approved. After a study has been published, correction requests will be refused.