Call for Articles

The Ahlâk Journal is an independent and peer-reviewed academic journal that began to be published in 2020 semiannually. The journal bears the aim of publishing studies that will make contributions to the literature of moral philosophy and particularly ethics. The journal is especially interested in studies that will make theoretical and methodological  contributions and conbine them with experimental analysis.

Today, each subject that underpins the network of public relations, the individual, society, family, business world, education, academy and even the world of sports needs to be interpreted systematically in terms of moral norms, and the journal pursues this aim.

 The Ahlâk Journal supports each and every study that carried out around the concept of “morality”, which is the core of all relationships between subject and society and covers the whole life. We adress every scientist who wants to be a part of this academic production for the first issue of the journal.

The Ahlâk Journal, which began its publishing life has started to accept articles that are original, go beyond its field limits, and prepared with an understanding of both disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches. Bearing in mind that your articles will be review before published, you can send your studies by clicking the link below. The studies should be sent in accordance with the rules and recommendations that mentioned.