The Ahlâk Magazine accepts to update, make addition to or remove the author names before publishing an approved study. Requests to be made must be negotiated with the Ahlâk Journal by the author who initiated the correspondence. Requests should include:

  • The reason for adding, removing or readjusting a name,
  • Approval for the changes and readjusting of each author (via e-mail, fax or letter). (The author whose name will be delivered should also approve such a change.)
  • In the case of a request for readjust by an author who is not the one who initiated the correspondence with the Ahlâk Journal will be negotiated with the writer/researcher who must follow the abovementioned procedure of correspondence.
  • The Ahlâk Journal secretary has the initiative of suspending the publishing of the journal until editorial board is informed about the demands and a consensus is reached by the editorial staff about a study that has been approved. After a study has been published, correction requests will be refused.