Authors should add copyright approval articles for the articles they submit to the Ahlâk Journal. The following is an example for this approval:

The article attached, of which the author(s) and his/her/their title(s) has been submitted for your consideration in order to be published in the Ahlâk Journal. This/these article(s) has not been sent to another journal for publishing or to be considered. There I(we) declare that, if approved to be published, the copyrights of each one of the article(s) belong(s) to the Ahlâk Journal.

As the author(s) who has/have signature(s) below, we accept all the conditions in “notes to the contributors” guide and I(we) confirm expressly that the article/articles was/were prepared in accordance with the ethical rules that were emphasized in that guide. I(we), thereby accept that all the articles are original, submitted with its/their original copyright documents, the author(s) of the artickle(s) have handed over the correction and checking rights to the editorial board of the Ahlâk Journal and -if accepted to be published- the full rights of the studies have been abandoned to the Ahlâk Journal, oficially registered rights included. I(we) also agree that I(we) do not charge fee for the publishing of the texts submitted.