Thinking About Morality

Thinking About Morality Abstract: We live in an era in which information and communication are in constant rise and technology is more imperious thanks to its developments that are beyond itself and thus issues of our moral life are far more complicated. The very branch of philosophy that carries out investigations concerning morality (ethics) has limited itself to pure analysis and critical activities on this field. However, the history of philosophy -until recently- was full of examples that started with the activity of pursuing the truth and crowned the process with ethics. Let alone contemplating about ethical norms and virtues and making suggestions, even the very philosophy that carries out investigations about morality is almost cast aside. On the other hand, it is thought that solutions simply lay in values education. Values education being considered with regard to “social sciences”, yet developing a progress of enquiry and practice that is not linked with the philosophical thinking reveals problems. Social sciences and philosophical thinking are obliged to be at work together. Morality is found in the essential part of humanity. Seperating our cognitive and acting sides may be possible in thought but surely impossible in practice. Therefore morality encompasses our essential aspect (in terms of being a character) and our actions to a certain degree.