Ahlâk Journal is a refereed journal that started to be published in 2020, bearing the aim of examining academic studies on “morality” and contributes to the literature. The aim of the journal is to approach moral studies through a platform supported by different disciplines and its relations with human and social relations. Our journal targets to make important contributions to the studies in this field with its prominent writers and editorial secretariat.

Ahlâk Journal is published every six months (October and April). Qualified and rich editorial policy, comprehensive reviews by refrees and published articles of the journal will make original contributions in its field. It is worth mentioning that the articles on various fields are tested meticulously.

Various fields concerning social sciences studying on people’s relationship with society from the generic to the specific or vice versa, prefers to focus on different terms. Ahlâk Journal puts the term “moral” (ahlâk) in the center of academic researches and studies, while searching the set of people’s relationships with society. Not only the journal notices the disciplinary tradition and systematic studies, encourages researches to go beyond the limits and invites them to a transdisciplinary paradigm. Each and every study that can think multidimensionally, enrich research methods and ideas and is acknowledged in its field, can be published in Ahlâk Journal.

Ahlâk Journal accepts any research and opinion pieces on the set of relationship network that can be interpreted through the phenomenon of morality. The articles to be published on the journal should bear the academic standards and make theoretical and methodological contributions to its area of study. The articles should also be consistent and systematic and make new contribution to the field as well. Articles that establish a new theory and base it on new information and documents and taking notice of new methodologies are prioritised.

Ahlâk Journal is a medium that aims to contain new information, knowledge and suggestions centered on philosophy. Our journal is open to all scientists who wish to take part in the framework of the abovementioned criteria.