The titles below have been prepared to help authors who put their articles into final form before their application. The guide below as a detalied map whether the articles meet the standard criterias and authors can take them as reference:

(Please Pay Attention)

The first page must include the full name(s) and title(s) of the author(s).

If the article was written by two people or more, one of the authors must be the author who is carrying out the correspondence with the journal secreteriat and his/her name, e-mail, phone number must be declared on the first page.

For articles written in Turkish

  • A summary of 150 (min.) to 200 (max.) words with 4 to 8 keywords and a title,
  • An extended summary of 1500 to 2000 words in English (corrections must have been made). This summary must include the title, subheads and all references in English. (This section is permitted for submission after the study has been accepted.)

For articles written in English

  • A summary in English with 150 (min.) otor 200 (max.) words with 4 to 8 keywords
  • A summary of 150 (min) to 200 (max.) words in Turkish, 4-8 keywords and a title. If the author does not know Turkish, this section will be translated by the staff of the journal.

Visual elements in appropriate formats and extensions (such as .jpg, .pdf or .png), resolution and best fit size.

All tables (including titles, definitions, descriptions, and footnotes) must be complete.

Vocabulary and grammar must meet the standards and regulatory body of the Turkish Language Institution.

The references must be in accordance with the APA 6th edition.

All of the references must be listed and included in the bibliography.

Making a reference to a source is dependent on obtaining permission.